Implementing Best Practices for Agility at Scale

Episode 11 · July 25th, 2016 · 35 mins 53 secs

About this Episode

In this episode of The New Stack at Scale, we explore how HyperDev is lowering the barriers to building scalable applications, why Rocana prioritizes showing enterprises how to build a better infrastructure, balancing agility across distributed teams, and how today’s developers and operations teams are using agile practices to meet the needs of today’s high-scale applications. The New Stack Founder Alex Williams and co-host New Relic Editor-in-Chief Fredric Paul sat down with Rocana CTO Eric Sammer and HyperDev Lead at Fog Creek software Daniel X. Moore for an in-depth discussion on these topics and more.

Episode Links

  • The New Stack @ Scale Podcast, Show 11: Agility Inside and Out — Fog Creek is touting HyperDev, launched in May, as the quickest way to stand up a web application. “It’s easy to think of this as like developer tools to make life easier for developers. It’s actually a lot broader than that. Like what we found in developing HyperDev is, as the barrier gets lower and lower, more people in the organization, you might not traditionally think of, as developers are able to contribute, are able to build applications, are able to solve their own problems,” said Moore. Sammer offered his own experience working with Fortune 100 and 500 companies looking to scale rapidly. He explained that whilst many corporations want to have the operational power of Facebook and Google, they don’t have the infrastructure to support it. “For me, it’s all about process which we can talk about. But from a technology perspective, it’s also all about having the infrastructure to allow that,” he said.