Managing Complexity

Episode 2 · October 14th, 2015 · 39 mins 7 secs

About this Episode

The New Stack @ Scale explores cloud-native architectures, boldly discusses complexity in distributed, scaled-out environments, and ventures deep into monitoring, analytics and open source, all beckoning toward a future of transparency between platforms and the infrastructure itself.

Our mission with The New Stack @ Scale is to address topics of interest to developers, operations managers and business leaders alike, to hear from the industry’s best and most enlightening minds, and to lace these discussions with a variety of featured segments, to create an informative, ambitious show that stands apart from the typical one-mic podcast. The show is co-hosted by The New Stack founder Alex Williams, and New Relic Editor-in-Chief Fredric Paul, a long-time journalist himself.

This second episode, recorded at AWS re:Invent, features two guests who bring a wealth of insight to the conversation:

Dave McRory, CTO of Basho Technologies. Previously, Dave served as SVP of Engineering at Warner Music Group, as well as Senior Architect, Cloud Foundry at VMware, and as a Cloud Solutions Architect at Dell. He is also an inventor, an author, and a founder/CTO of several companies in the virtualization, systems management, and cloud computing spaces.

James Governor, Co-founder of RedMonk, an independent IT research and advisory firm committed to an integrated view of information technologies and enterprise requirements. James is also founder of Shoreditch Works, a coworking space in London with a developer-centric focus.

Later in the show, we hear from CEO John Sheehan about the infrastructure of Runscope, and also Loris Degioanni, founder of sysdig, who speaks to the complexities of the new stack.

Also, make sure to keep your earbuds in for the bonus section at the end of the podcast. You’ll be treated to a wildly entertaining deconstruction of “Battlestar Galactica” as an allegory about microservices, along with an equally valid analysis using “Star Wars,” the premiere of the soon-to-be-iconic “Parable of The Prize Bull,” and much more.

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